DIY and resale

Recently, I took a client through a home that I thought might be a potential fit for her as an investment to buy and rent out. There were some issues with the home, but one thing more than any other had her attention from the moment we arrived: bad DIY.

The house was a mish-mash of floor styles – at least five that I can recall. It was a case where, inside and out, from far away the place looked promising, but up close revealed a multitude of sins.

I’m not suggesting that DIY is a bad thing for resale. If home renovations are done properly, the exact opposite can be the case. But bad DIY can indeed have a negative impact on resale value. Buyers are becoming increasingly more discerning, and many prospective buyers look at properties with critical eyes.

If you’re skilled in a trade, great! If you’re handy and have a strong attention to detail, that’s also great. But if you can’t do DIY right, don’t do it yourself.

Food for thought.

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