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Guelph is my home. I grew up here and love living here – and the passion I have for my hometown is a large part of what drove me to venture into real estate. I’m happy to be working here and helping people buy and sell their Guelph homes.

That being said, I realize that not everyone is going to settle down in Guelph. For some, the allure of living in Toronto is a powerful draw. I can understand that. I lived for a number of years in Toronto and had a great time. When I was there – and before I ventured into real estate – I spent time getting to know John Helfrich with East End Toronto Homes.

My impression with John was that he was a very solid guy with a great knowledge of Toronto. I remember touring homes with John and being very impressed with his thoroughness. He helped me understand so many aspects of Toronto homes and neighbourhoods. I was truly impressed. Over the years, we have stayed in touch – and I feel very confident recommending him to those in search of a Toronto real estate agent.Toronto Real Estate Agent John Helfrich

So if you’re looking for a Toronto Real Estate Agent, please consider John Helfrich. And if you connect with him, please be sure to say hi for me.

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