Guelph Listing Agents in a Wild Seller’s Market

Guelph Listing Agents in a Hot Seller's MarketNot too long ago, I got a lovely note from someone whose home I was hoping to list. It went something like this:

Hi Kelly,

Over my many moves, you are the best and most knowledgeable Real Estate Agent I’ve ever met. Loved your plan and if I was selling in a slower/over-crowded market, I would definitely hire you.

But, my house is well designed, in a demanding neighbourhood and Guelph is a high profile area. It’s a win-win for me no matter how I try to sell it.

Thanks for your time and effort.

Well, that’s about the nicest rejection note a girl could ask for, and I appreciate both her honesty and the kind words. Rejection is a part of the real estate business and you just have to pick yourself up and move on, or you’ll never last in this profession.

But, it led me to think… really? If this wasn’t a crazy market, you’d think you’d need a great Guelph Realtor? I actually think the opposite seems more logical. This is exactly the time when Guelph home sellers need seasoned guidance and ethical representation.

What we are seeing in Guelph right now is unprecedented. The real estate market is weighted so heavily in favour of Sellers. The lack of balance is extreme. But does that mean it’s a good time to forego using an agent? Or a good time to hire a discount brokerage rep who can’t even fight for his own worth – let alone the sale price of your biggest investment? I honestly don’t think so.

Navigating the waters right now isn’t easy – even for Sellers. It’s actually quite stressful to sell a home in a market like this. Listing, pricing strategy, how to market and promote properly… these things are more important than ever, because putting your best foot forward in the market will literally make – or cost you – tens upon tens of thousands of dollars.

Guelph Listing Agents with Integrity

There’s also the matter of ethics and treating people fairly in a hot market like this. By now, plenty of my Guelph Realtor colleagues are rolling their eyes at me and, that’s okay. Why? Because the ones who get tired of me harping on ethics and integrity in our profession? Well, they’re the same ones out there proving me right every day. We are not all the same. Some are falsifying MLS data, failing to disclose defects, constructing back-room deals, giving and receiving bully offers… welcome to the Guelph 2017 Real Estate Market.

Do you want to trust the sale of your home to someone who’ll just get it sold, no matter who gets hurt along the way? To someone who violates basic codes of conduct and, in doing so, could be setting both themselves and you the Seller up for a lawsuit? Or, do you want to work with someone who is committed to service excellence while also treating everyone in the process – including the many hopeful buyers lining up to offer on your home – with fairness and integrity?guelph listing agents

Homes are selling wildly over asking in many cases, but not with zero effort, generally speaking. Marketing and outreach are critically important. Sure, you could throw a sign on your yard and let people come with an offer. And look… you saved so much on fees! But, oh wait… you “only” got full asking. I can almost guarantee you left tens of thousands of dollars on the table. Bidding wars occur because homes are priced properly, they’re prepared well, and the public is exposed to them broadly.

At the end of the day, either you believe that a truly exceptional Real Estate Agent is valuable, or you don’t. And if you don’t, that’s okay. There is no shortage of options for those who don’t find value in the services of Real Estate Agents. But I truly believe that, in a wild seller’s market, you need stellar representation more than ever. How could you possibly know that you got top dollar for your Guelph home, without a targeted, intensive marketing and sales program?

As for the Seller who opted for a discount brokerage due to market conditions, her property sold – but I believe the outcome would have been more successful with a robust marketing and promotion campaign… and those don’t come from deep discounters. There’s no way of knowing for sure, though, and the same will be said for anyone working with discounters or selling privately. In this market, all you’ll be able to do is sell your home, and keep on hearing the stories of crazy bidding wars in Guelph and find yourself wondering… could I have had a better outcome?

Food for thought.


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