Home Staging on a Budget

Decluttering your home is an inexpensive way to Stage your home for sale.If you’re preparing your Guelph home for sale, by now likely you’ve seen, heard or read about Staging.

Home Staging has become an almost mandatory aspect of preparing a home for sale. But the good news is that Staging can occur on a sliding scale of both effort and cost. You don’t have the time, energy or financial resources for a full-blown Staging extravaganza? No problem. The truth is, Staging doesn’t have to be expensive:

  1. Deep clean: Get out the cleaning products and use a bit of elbow grease to give your house a very deep clean from top to bottom. It costs so little and a clean house will always show better than even a ‘gently lived-in’ comparable.
  2. De-clutter: By simply removing as much excess ‘stuff’ as possible, you’ll make your home look larger and that’s an important consideration for buyers. Remember, the more you donate or toss out, the less you’ll have to pack up and move down the road.
  3. Paint: If you’re got tired-looking walls or ceilings, or colours that are dated, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders and isn’t expensive. Stick with neutral, understated tones and take your time to do the job right. Your efforts will pay off.
  4. Minor repairs and upgrades: Some repairs and upgrades cost very little but can have very positive impacts. Buyers notice broken items, so fix as many as you can and keep their eyes focused on the positive aspects of your Guelph home.
  5. Rearrange furniture: Sometimes all it takes to open up a room is to move the furniture around. Also very important: if your rooms seem small, be open to the idea of removing a few pieces of furniture and temporarily relocating them in your basement or garage. It’s always a good idea to make rooms look as large as possible.
  6. Add a Welcome Mat to your step for curb appeal - Kelly Caldwell Guelph RealtorTidy up the outside: I love to garden, but I know it’s hard work and it’s easy to let a yard go. As part of your Staging efforts, start at the front of your house and clean your lawn and garden up in order to boost curb appeal. Edge and cut the grass, trim bushes and trees, plant a few pretty flowers if you can – and spend a few dollars on a nice new welcome mat.

If you’re looking to sell your Guelph home and want more advice on Staging and marketing your home for sale, please feel free to contact me.

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