How to Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photos

How to Stage Your Guelph Home for Real Estate Photos When it comes to marketing your home for sale, a picture is worth a thousand words. High-quality images of your home (and ideally a virtual tour) are a critical aspect of a good marketing strategy.

If you’re working with a Guelph Realtor, hopefully he or she will enlist (and pay for) the services of a professional photographer. But whether or not it’s a pro behind the camera, you’ll need to prepare your property for the shoot. Here’s how:


Curb appeal is critical. Every Realtor has taken a buyer to home at some point, only to have the person flatly refuse to head inside, just based on a poor impression from the home’s external appearance. The opposite effect happens, too.

To boost curb appeal for photos, undertake the following tasks:

  • Tidy up front and back yards by edging, cutting the grass, and sweeping.
  • Take stock of your gardens, shrubs, and trees. Get out the pruners – or the axe if need be! – and consider planting some seasonal annuals, particularly at the front of your house. Topping your gardens with fresh mulch adds a quick visual boost to garden beds, too.
  • Pay special attention to your home’s entry way, freshening up any plants, welcome mats, wreaths, or other porch decor.
  • Remove any cars or bikes from the driveway, and close the garage door.
  • Put garden equipment and hoses away.


When it comes to your home’s interior, again there are some general Staging activities to complete in order to get ideal photo results:

  • Clean and declutter thoroughly.
  • Remove waste backets from view temporarily.
  • Turn off ceiling fans and televisions. 
  • Let in the light, by opening all curtains (unless the view is a negative), and turning on the lights. All light fixtures should have the same bulbs – bright, soft light works well with interior photographs.
  • Escort your pets out of the photographer’s line of sight while he or she is working. 

In addition to those basics, here are a few specific tips for:


  • Clear counters off and go for a very minimalist look with regard to countertop appliances, etc.
  • Remove any photos and papers from your fridge.


  • Clean off counters and think ‘spa like’ when it comes to items like soaps and hand towels.
  • Close toilet lids before shots are taken.
  • Open shower curtains, particularly if the interior of your tub looks spic and span.


  • Make beds (and consider sprucing up with new linens if yours are a bit tired).
  • Ensure that all clothing is put away.


  • Generally, this isn’t a spot of the house that translates well in photographs. Unless your garage is specially-finished and, for example, has special allure for car lovers or has a professional-looking workshop, forego adding these photos to your marketing repertoire.

Finally, a quick word on security, because it’s important to remain security-conscious while you are listing your home. Consider putting high-value items out of sight while photos are being taken – or ask the photographer if he or she can obscure specific items using photo editing software.

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