How to Stage Your Laundry Room

How to Stage a Laundry RoomBy now, most Guelph home sellers are familiar with the concept of Home Staging. It’s becoming the exception when I hear from someone that they don’t want to take the time to de-clutter, spruce up, and take other measures to present their home in the best way possible.

Why? Because Staging works. Homes that are properly Staged tend to sell faster and for better value than their “unStaged” counterparts.

What is interesting is the trend for sellers to think of the whole house when it comes to Staging – not just the most common living areas, etc. More and more, I’m seeing spaces like garages and even fruit cellars that have clearly been tidied up and Staged in preparation for the home’s sale. Another place home owners are putting some thought into before they list? Laundry rooms. 

Actually, it makes sense to present a tidy, well-organized laundry room. If your laundry room could use a little face-lift, read this article on how to Stage a laundry room for some easy, low-cost ways to perk the space up. 

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