Involve Your Kids in the Home Sale Process

Homes for Sale in Guelph - Asking Kids to Help Out Sometimes sellers express a concern about how the process of listing and selling is going to work if there are kids in the house.

My advice is always this. If your kids are old enough to have an opinion about the sale of your house, or to get ‘in the way’ of your efforts, it’s an opportunity – because it means they are likely at an age where they can be active participants in the process. Rather than work around your kids, make them a part of your efforts to get your home in show-ready condition.

Kids of most ages can help when it comes to pre-listing activities, such as de-cluttering, boosting curb appeal, and even Staging efforts.

Get your kids interested in the de-cluttering process. Preparing for a move down the road give you an opportunity to pare down. Kids can determine which of their favourite toys they’ll keep out, which they can pack away for a few months, and which can be donated to charity for other kids to use.

Kids are also creative, so why not enlist their help in any of the design-related decisions you need to make? Choosing paint colours? Get the kids to weigh in on neutral shades that will appeal to buyers. And if your kids’ rooms have too-bright hues that need to be toned down before your home goes on the market, work with them to identify a more neutral shade in the same colour family.

As you take steps to boost your home’s curb appeal, bring the kids outside and get their help to get the yard in shape. Depending upon the time of year that you’re selling, their participation could range from cutting the grass, keeping gardens watered, planting a few seasonal plants, shoveling the walkway…  all are elements of the curb appeal mix, and your kids can help. 

Once your Guelph home is for sale, enlist your kids’ help in keeping the home in show-ready condition. Hopefully, having been involved in your plans, they’ll understand why it’s important to put things away and keep things even tidier than normal.

Kids are great. Think of them as a help, not a hindrance, when you’re preparing to sell your Guelph home.

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