Jump Start Your Landscaping for Privacy

Ways to fast-track landscaping for privacy - Guelph homes for sale

In many parts of Guelph, home buyers are faced with buying a property that has little or no landscaping. Aside from looking rather blah, many buyers express their concerns regarding lack of privacy – especially in newer subdivisions where homes are often built very close to one another.

I always encourage people who buy homes with a blank canvass on the landscaping side to budget for planting a few fast-growing trees early on. Even a few years of growth can make a big difference, both in terms of privacy and adding to property value.

But there is another option, one that can help Guelph home buyers fast track landscaping for visual appeal as well as privacy. Home owners can contact Fast Forest – a company that offers the service of planting or transplanting trees that are considerably larger in size to their typical garden nursery counterparts. It’s a great way to very quickly transform your home’s landscaping.

By the way, this kind of service isn’t just useful with newer builds. In older neighbourhoods, like Guelph downtown where I live, we lose trees on a regular basis for a variety of reasons – wind storms, ice storms, or in my case a neighbour who sacrificed a huge pear tree in a misguided effort to control the squirrel population. No kidding! A service like Fast Forest won’t replace a decades-old tree, but it’s a considerable step forward from a minuscule sapling.

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