Lighting Your Home for Showings and Open Houses

The Importance of Lighting when Showing a Home for SaleSome things almost universally deter potential buyers when they’re house-hunting. Here’s one for the list: A home that just feels dark

In some cases, the issue is paint or decor. Most often, the house has adequate light; the seller just hasn’t showcased it properly.

When you’re selling your Guelph home, basic Staging strategies should come into play. Putting your home on the market is like heading out on a first date or a job interview. You take a bit of extra care and you do your best to impress. In the case of home Staging, a simple and low cost way to do that is to let in the light. 

Before you list your home, start by doing an inventory of lighting fixtures. Consider replacing any that are in disrepair or otherwise unappealing. Make sure they are clean and that all bulbs are working. Aim for a consistent bright wattage throughout your home. And, prior to open houses or private viewings, open up curtains or blinds and turn on the lights. If you are really counting your pennies, don’t forget to budget for a temporary increase in your hydro bill. 

Does it work? I think so. Buyers will take notice of the lighting in your house – so why not ensure that what they’re noticing is a plus and not a deterrent.

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