Selling a Home in the Guelph Termite Zone

Selling a Home in the Guelph Termite ZoneThe City of Guelph is home to a few termite-managed residential neighbourhoods, and living within one of them comes with some realities. The same can be said if you’re selling a home in one of the Guelph termite zones. 

So, what are termites? What we have in Guelph are subterranean termites – non-native, invasive insects that made their way into town accidentally, by way of the United States. They were first detected in the 1970s near Goldie Mill Park, but today we have termite areas in other parts of the city as well. These aren’t your typical creepy crawly critter. Termites are wood-destroying insects that can cause structural damage to homes.

The good news is that the City of Guelph has a comprehensive strategy for termite management and control, including inspections, traps, and various treatments. Our termite populations have steadily declined year over year, and have been eliminated in some areas.

Still, if you’re living in a termite-managed area, you’ll have certain rules to adhere to, all of which are designed to limit the spread of the critters. And, if you’re selling your home in one of Guelph’s termite zones, there are also a few things to bear in mind. 

Guelph Termite Zone and Home Sales

First, it’s important to accept that this actually will be an issue for some buyers. It may not have bothered you when you purchased your home. I know that I wasn’t overly concerned when I bought my home in downtown Guelph. To me, being in the termite zone was just something I had to accept, in order to live in such a vibrant, wonderful part of town. However, everyone is different. I’ve had buyers tell me flat out that they can’t deal with the notion of being in a termite zone. In some cases, I’ve been able to educate them by talking about what it really means, and outlining the ways that termites are managed in Guelph. In other cases, it’s not a stigma that we can overcome and folks have just bought elsewhere.

Next: disclose, disclose, disclose. If your home is situated within a termite-managed area, your Realtor should absolutely disclose that fact to any prospective buyer and/or other Realtors. The worst (and most unethical) thing to do is to list your home for sale and leave it up to buyers and their Realtors to uncover this fact.StopTermites

Third, go further than just disclosing the facts and get out in front of the issue. Book a termite inspection – ideally before you even list your home for sale. These need to be scheduled with the City of Guelph. There is no cost, and it’s a simple way to alleviate the fears of those who may be prone to assuming the worst.

Finally, be sure to work with a Listing Agent who understands this issue and has a strategy for dealing with objections from buyers or out-of-town Realtors, who may have no idea what termites are, but who could run away at the mere thought of them, in the absence of information. Outlining how comprehensive the City of Guelph’s termite control program is a good first line of defence in those cases.

Guelph Sellers, don’t let termites get you down! Don’t forget that, in many parts of the City where termites have reared their destructive little heads, the market is robust and homes are often selling within a matter of days. Downtown homes are the obvious example. We don’t have enough century homes to meet the demand for today’s buyers. If buyers want a truly urban experience, they may just have to come to terms with termites. Some won’t be able to – but more will. Before I bought my home, I knew nothing about termites. I did my research when I bought, and I stay informed about how termite control is progressing, but I know the City is on top of it, and I’m not worried. Truth be told, in Guelph, it’s probably the termites that should be worried.

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