South End Guelph Homes – The Changing Landscape

Guelph South End HomesLike many Guelph natives, on some level, the south end will always be a part of town I’ll think of as somewhat “new.” I mean, in comparison to my home, which was built in the 1800s, almost anything seems new! And, much as I cringe thinking of how old it makes me sound, I seem to recall one or two or three high school dates spent at what is now a strip-mall, but what was – back in the day – the best (and only) venue for mini golf in Guelph (aka, the Pergola.) Truth is, when I was a kid, there was virtually nothing in Guelph’s south end but wide open spaces.

Well, things have changed – dramatically. The south end of Guelph is an absolutely vibrant part of the city. Amenities, schools, parks, shopping… and, of course, many, many homes. We do have plenty of new homes in the south end, but a significant portion of other properties there fall into what I might call an “older-new” category. They aren’t shiny and new any more, and taking that into consideration is very important in the context of listing a home for sale.

For example, Pine Ridge and Westminster Woods are popular subdivisions that have been developed in various phases over the last 15 to 20 years. The homes built in the beginning phases of development have now entered a maintenance phase that, well, never really ends. By the 15-year mark, a whole series of big-ticket items comes onto the homeowner’s (or homebuyer’s) radar, including roofs, windows, furnace and air conditioning units, and other generally un-fun ways to spend money.

In the process of selling homes in the south end of Guelph, I’ve encountered some resistance on both sides of the transaction.

Sellers can be frustrated, and can struggle to understand why their homes – well-built, often on larger and more mature lots, and sometimes with greater square footage – are, in some cases, selling for less than smaller (but newer) homes further south down the road. 

Buyer Expectations – Higher than Ever

Buyers face challenges, too. Their expectations are often astronomically high, and they’re going through properties with hyper-critical eyes… expecting to be wowed. If they head into these first-phase subdivisions thinking they’re new and fully updated, they’re likely going to be disappointed. In some of the first-phase homes, finishings may be dated, and a large portion of buyers can’t see past such things. Even if a buyer’s expectations are reasonable and they are able to look beyond this or that – they start to see work around the home that needs to be done – and work translates into money. Some Sellers elect to make updates to their homes prior to listing, but that comes with some risk and not all upgrades are equal when it comes to Buyer preferences as well as a return on investment.

But, first phase south-end Guelph Sellers… do not despair. Can you, with an “older” home in the south end, compete with the newer builds just minutes away? Absolutely. There is a buyer for every home, and some will appreciate the advantages that first-phase homes have over their newer counterparts. Your community is flourishing and your homes are great. Without question, they’ll sell. But to maximize your chances of selling for top dollar, proper strategies for pricing, marketing, and buyer outreach are all critical and must take into account your home’s advantages over newer options, while also facing the realities of having entered a maintenance phase.

Understand and accept the realities of selling in this situation, and work closely with a Listing Agent who can market your home properly. Going into the market with a clear picture of advantages, disadvantages, and with a comprehensive listing strategy is the best way to avoid disappointments and to achieve a positive end result.

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