Staging a Home During a Divorce

Selling a Home During a Divorce - Advice from Guelph Realtor Kelly CaldwellEven in the best of circumstances, selling a home can be very stressful. Factor in a divorce and the process can be all but unbearable.

But it happens. We get married, things fall apart, and one day we find ourselves saying goodbye to someone we once loved – and wondering how it all went so wrong. It’s stressful, it’s incredibly sad, and it’s very costly. Having been through it, I wouldn’t wish it on a soul.

If you’re selling your Guelph home in the midst of a divorce or separation, this is my advice:

  1. Work with Sensitive People. There are plenty of Guelph Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Professionals, and Stagers to choose from. Right from the gate, choose to work with people who are professional and successful – but also those who are empathetic. If they don’t understand the unique stress of a separation or divorce, move on. In times like these, you need to surround yourself with people who are patient and understanding – period. 
  2. Work Together, if Possible. You and your spouse are separating and emotions are likely to run high. But your home is likely your most valuable investment. Can you agree to work together when it comes to Staging, showing, and selling your home? Failing to do so is likely to cost you on many levels.
  3. Stage Carefully. It may be that one of you has moved out (or will move out,) prior to listing the home for sale. But think carefully before you remove half of the furniture and start leaving walls bare prior to selling your home. Buyers are inherently curious about why people are selling. A half-empty house, empty closets, or bare walls are all strong indicators of a separation. Some will sense that and assume that you’re desperate to sell. Well, maybe you are – but they don’t need to know that. Consider keeping the basics in your home while you’re selling. Your separation agreement can stipulate very clearly that specific items are to be divided and removed from the home upon an accepted offer to purchase. 
  4. Ambience and Energy. If you are the sort of person who believes that homes contain a certain kind of energy, and if you feel that yours is negative, take steps to resolve it prior to listing your home for sale. Brighten up some rooms with fresh paint, bring in some flowers, keep soft music playing in the background, etc. If you are a spiritual person, ask your pastor to bless your home. In short, do whatever it takes to make you feel happier in the space. Rest assured, it will translate to others.

Finally, remember when you are going through a divorce to be kind to yourself and to surround yourself with people who will support you through the process. 

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