When Selling, Don’t Ignore Minor Repairs

Advice on fixing minor repairs before a home sale - Kelly Caldwell, RealtorAs you’re preparing your Guelph home for sale, you’ll be thinking in terms of Staging and de-cluttering and doing this-and-that in order to showcase the property to its best. But don’t overlook the importance of minor repairs.

That loose banister? That cracked ceramic tile and leaky faucet? Those may all seem like minor problems that a buyer could take on – but the reality is that buyers today are incredibly discriminating. They will notice items in disrepair, no matter how minor, and they’ll want them fixed.

So before you list your Guelph home for sale, do a thorough walk-through of your property inside and out, make a list of minor repairs needed and start tackling them.

For more information about the best ways to prepare your Guelph home for sale, please contact me.

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