Why Isn’t My House Selling? It Could Be the Price.

Why isn't my house selling - Guelph Real Estate Agent Kelly Caldwell's WeblogYou’ve hired a Guelph real estate agent and your house is on the market, but offers aren’t materializing. You think you’ve got a great home and someone would be lucky to have it – so why isn’t your house selling?

There could be many answers to that question, but let’s start with the most obvious culprit: the price.

If your Guelph home isn’t selling, the first place to look is listing price. Does it reflect your home’s market value? A home’s market value is most simply described as the value that the market says the home is worth. When priced fairly and marketed properly, homes should generate buyer interest, positive feedback and, ultimately, offers to purchase.

If those things aren’t happening, what should you do?

First, have a candid discussion with your real estate agent. Ask him or her to provide examples of comparable active and recently-sold properties. Review the data together and re-assess your asking price with fresh eyes. Discuss your options. Should you take your home off the market? Should you make a price reduction? Should you hold firm and wait it out?

Through all of this, your Guelph real estate agent should be your trusted adviser and confidante. And if you don’t feel that way about him or her, perhaps it’s time for a change.

There are many other reasons why homes don’t sell. Here are some additional blog articles with food for thought:

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