For Sale by Owner in Guelph

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is an option that many sellers consider, and understandably so. It sounds like a great plan – just sell a house on your own and save all of those commission expenses. Easy, right?

In reality, selling homes isn’t easy – and many have learned the hard way that the idea that homes practically “sell themselves” is rarely, if ever, true.

Guelph for sale by owner, FSBO, guelph real estate agent Kelly CaldwellWithout the representation of a qualified, licensed real estate sales professional, many sellers make costly mistakes when it comes to Staging, pricing, and marketing their Guelph homes.

In some circumstances, a FSBO strategy can work very effectively! But before putting your own For Sale sign on the yard, I encourage sellers to read my article, Ten Things to Consider About FSBOs. I also post frequently on my weblog regarding Guelph private home sales.

A Second Opinion

If you are currently marketing your Guelph home For Sale by Owner, feel free to contact me for a no-obligation assessment. I’ll meet with you to share my thoughts on your pricing, Staging and marketing strategies.