Gardening for Curb Appeal

Tend to Your Garden to Boost Curb AppealIf you’re thinking about selling your Guelph home, or just looking for some low-cost, high-impact ways boost curb appeal, it’s time to dig in the dirt and get gardening.

In terms of curb appeal, for the best bang for your buck, focus on the front of your house.

It can be helpful to stand back at the front edge of your property to identify areas that could use a bit of TLC. Trimming trees and shrubs, and edging gardens and walkways are quick ways to tidy up your lawn and garden.

If you have flower beds, add some fresh mulch after you’ve finished edging. The fresh mulch helps to keep weeds at bay – and it smells great.

If you’re tackling the yard in spring, summer, or fall, take advantage of seasonal annual plants. If you can find some room in your garden for bright and colourful annuals, great. If not, hanging baskets and other planters can achieve the same positive effect. During winter months, seasonal wreaths or other greenery arrangements are great choices. 

Gardening is a fun and therapeutic hobby, and as an added bonus but it can have a direct and positive impact on your home’s curb appeal.

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