How Can I Help My Realtor?

How Can You Help Your Realtor? So, the other night I’m on the phone talking to some new buyers who sound absolutely lovely. They’re funny and polite and they know just what they’re looking for and – yes – they’re serious.

So that already sounds like a dream in real estate land. And then this. As we are winding down the call, I say to them… we’ve talked a lot about you guys and what you’re looking for, so let’s turn the tables. Do you have some questions for me?

And here was their response.

“How can we make things easier for you?”

*chirp* *chirp* *chirp*


After an awkwardly-long silenced, I sighed. Apparently, I sighed quite loudly and maybe a titch dramatically, because all three of them started to laugh. And you know by the time we stopped laughing and got back to talking, all I could think of to say was that I have never, in all of my years in real estate, been asked that question. So I said yes, for sure there are ways but you’ve just shocked me into silence.

So, a bit more laughter, and then we got down to it. Yes, I said, buying a home in Guelph – especially in the kind of seller’s market we have had for some time now – isn’t easy. It’s going to be a process that takes time. We will likely need to see a lot of homes and we may need to write up a few offers before we land on ‘the one.’

So I said that, for me, a big help is to do a bit of investigating and thinking before we actually make a viewing appointment. In other words, please don’t ask me to venture out on fishing expeditions. We are all busy, and none of us really has time to waste. So, if we are booking appointments and asking sellers to clear out for a showing, let’s be sure that we have a viable option. If you just want to check it out for curiosity’s sake, that’s what open houses and online virtual tours are for.

Other Ways to Help Your Guelph Realtor

A few other ideas that I could toss out there, for those who might wonder the same thing, would be:

  • Get your financial ducks in a row and be pre-approved if you are buying a home in Guelph. A good Realtor won’t pressure you to make a jump before you’re ready – but when you are ready, you can rest assured you’ll need to move fast.
  • Be realistic. If you have a modest budget, that’s perfectly okay. We all start somewhere on the property ladder! But be realistic about what your dollar is ‘worth’ in terms of Guelph real estate values.
  • Communicate. You really need to have a rock-solid relationship with your Guelph Realtor. If you don’t like email, tell him or her and ask the agent to call or text you. If you’re frustrated, don’t stew quietly… explain that the process is dragging on or… whatever. Just communicate whatever frustrations or changes of heart you’re having. A good Realtor will work to resolve these issues and ensure you are satisfied with how the process is unfolding.
  • Listen. If you’re working with an excellent Guelph Realtor then presumably he or she will be giving you expert advice. Form your own conclusions ultimately, of course, but give some time and consideration to the advice you’re receiving.

As for my new clients, well – I didn’t give them more than my first suggestion because they caught me off guard with the question! But, really, but merely asking me how they could make my job easier… well, they already have.

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