How to Go Green for Halloween

How to Go Green for HalloweenOrange and black are always going to be the official colours of Halloween, but there are ways to inject a bit of green into the day. Here are some ways for you and the trick-or-treaters in your life to reduce your eco footprints on Halloween.

Costumes and make up:

  • Avoid costumes made with plastic. Most of them cannot be recycled.
  • Embrace thrift store shopping and look at places like Value Village for all of the items you’ll need for your costume.
  • When it comes to makeup and hair colour, use organic and natural products.

Goodies and candies:

  • For chocolate purists, shop locally at your favourite chocolatier or opt for fair trade chocolates that you can find in town or online.
  • As a healthy alternative, opt for organic, natural treats.
  • Instead of giving your kids a plastic bag for their treats, use a reusable sack or even a pillow case. Have fun decorating them with non-toxic paints to add some flare to them, as well as reflective items for extra safety.


  • Head to a local farm to pick out your pumpkin, and when you’re cleaning it out for carving, don’t let the seeds go to waste.
  • Try thrift stores like Value Village for used decorations, or be sure to buy Halloween decorations that you are sure to re-use year after year.
  • Candles are a tradition on Halloween, but opt for an option like soy candles vs inexpensive varieties that release a lot of chemicals.

And last but not least, Happy Halloween!

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