How to Stage a Bathroom

Guelph Homes for Sale - How to Stage a BathroomAs you’re getting your Guelph home ready for sale, one room in your house that will likely need a bit of attention is your bathroom. Here are three steps to consider if you want to Stage a bathroom.

Step One: Clean
During a home viewing, nothing will turn prospective buyers off faster than a dirty bathroom. This is one room in your house that must be absolutely spotless prior to (and during) its time on the market. Make sure that your tub, sink and toilet are scrubbed. Mirrors and windows should be sparkling.

Step Two: De-clutter
One of the basics of Staging is to de-clutter. Your bathroom is no exception. Start by removing the majority of items that are stored on your counter. Next, clean out your medicine cabinet – yes, some people will open it. The fewer items in there, the larger it will appear. The same goes for your linen cupboard – take out any old or rarely used blankets or towels and keep only a set of nice towels. The space will look bigger and more visually appealing.

Step Three: Update and Neutralize
In addition to neutralizing the walls (remove wallpaper, if any, and add a light, neutral coat of paint,) think in terms of neutral colours for any accents such as towels or rugs. Fixtures such as taps and towel racks can often be updated with minimal expense.

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