Painting Kitchen Cupboards and Drawers

Paint Dated Kitchen Cabinets - Guelph Real Estate Agent Kelly CaldwellI hear it all the time from buyers — the kitchen is nice and the cupboards are in good shape but they are just so dated looking. Oh is that all? Well sure, in the case of wood stains in particular, many have gone out of fashion. The good news is that if those kitchen cupboards are solidly made and in good shape, with a bit of effort they can look as good as new.

Rather than opt for an expensive reno, with some elbow grease, primer, paint, and new hardware, you can transform a dated kitchen on a dime. Here’s how:

  1. Remove a cupboard and take it to your local paint store. Ask for their expert advice on sanding, priming, and painting procedures and materials. 
  2. Remove the additional cupboards and remove hardware. Give them a quick wipe down and let them dry thoroughly before sanding all visible surfaces with fine sand paper.
  3. Wipe off any traces of dust.
  4. Begin by priming and then move on to painting, but don’t rush the process. Allow for plenty of drying time in between coats – and do use a few thin coats of paint, not just one thick coat.
  5. Wait at least 24 hours (or better yet, a couple of days) to let the paint cure before putting the hardware back on and installing the doors and drawers.

Lastly, having been through this process, I do have one final tip: When you remove them, label the cupboards and drawers per their location in your kitchen layout. When you go to re-install them, it’ll be a lot easier to ensure they fit perfectly if you can remember where they were previously situated.

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