Raising Backyard Chickens in Guelph

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The trend of raising urban chickens has grown significantly. In fact, backyard chickens are downright, dare I say it, trendy in some parts. Well, you can’t raise backyard chickens in every town in Ontario, but as it happens, Guelph’s bylaws allow you to do so.

It’s not for everyone, but enthusiasts cite a variety of benefits, starting with the obvious: A regular stream of healthy, fresh eggs that most swear are superior in taste (and health benefits) to their supermarket counterparts. It’s safe to say that the life of a backyard chicken is exponentially more satisfying and humane than “life” in a big factory farm. And backyard chickens contribute to both pest control and weeding in the yard. What’s not to love?

Well, needless to say, there are some considerations. So first things first: Do your research. It’s very important to understand all of Guelph’s rules and regulations when it comes to  raising backyard chickens, and yes there are plenty of rules to adhere to. 

Take the time to educate yourself on the proper housing set-up as well as how to care for the chickens. These animals will become your responsibility and that should be taken seriously. Please be prepared to give them a good life, or don’t undertake this venture. 

Last, be a good neighbour and be sensitive to the fact that the folks next door might not be enthusiastic about your new venture. Your neighbour might have concerns about things like noise or odour, but with a little education, you should be able to assure them that your flock of backyard chickens will be stellar neighbours.

For more information, visit the Facebook Page for the Guelph Chicken Keepers Association or contact the City of Guelph.

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