Guelph Realtor Kelly Caldwell offers home sellers advice.The decision to sell your home in Guelph isn’t one that always comes easily. Neither is it always easy to select the right Guelph Real Estate Agent for the job.

The Sales Process

Every Realtor has their own way of approaching home listings. Over the years, Kelly has developed a comprehensive system that is designed to make listing your Guelph home for sale as painless as possible.

And, let’s be clear, the goal for Kelly is the same goal you have: get it listed and marketed very effectively and efficiently, and sell your home as quickly as possible for as much as possible.

Kelly takes her ethical and fiduciary obligations very seriously, and her goal is to serve as your trusted advisor.

Elements of Kelly’s Approach

When Kelly lists a Guelph home for sale, she goes through a methodical series of actions. Homes hit the market with a splash (not a dribble,) with professional photography and home Staging already complete, marketing and advertising material prepared, and a robust strategy to get the job done – quickly and properly.

Kelly’s background in marketing and creative services has proven to be helpful in putting together top-notch marketing campaigns.

She approaches each listing with a fresh set of eyes. How can this Guelph property be marketed effectively? What is the client’s target buying audience – and how can we reach them? What creative methods can we utilize to gain maximum exposure in the market? How can we leverage the power of the Internet in our marketing plan?

Negotiating and Closing

At the offer stage, Kelly negotiates fervently for her seller clients. Her goal is not to quickly wrap up deals and move on.

She steers her clients through the negotiating and closing process with patience, integrity, and constant communication.

If you’re getting ready to sell your Guelph home, feel free to contact Kelly to request a listing presentation or simply to learn more about the way she works.