Stay-cation Living

Foregoing the Vacation in Favour of Home ImprovementsIf you’re like most Canadians, you probably wince when you pull up to the gas pumps these days. It’s already having an impact at how many ‘day trippers’ drive out of the city each weekend for visits to the beach or lake. And it doesn’t look like the situation is going to improve any time soon. The latest news comes from Air Canada, announcing that it is eliminating several flights due to the high cost of fuel. With these cut-backs comes a warning that we can expect airfare prices to rise dramatically over the next short span of time. It leaves me wondering if more crowded seating and luggage surcharges can be far behind.

So with all these rapid changes and escalating costs, where does that leave the average Canadian family when it comes to their vacation plans? Many of my customers are already telling me that they’re changing their vacation strategies. And not too surprisingly, that brings us back to the subject of real estate.

Many homeowners are opting to take their vacations at home. They’re planning to put their holiday budget back into their property, to create their own restful oasis from their daily stress. Luxury features like saunas, home theatres, hot tubs, entertainment size kitchens, swimming pools, outdoor rooms, water features and extensive landscaping are all part of this scenario. Such appealing amenities are going to be increasingly sought after by discriminating home buyers in the future.

If you’re thinking of similar improvements, I’d be glad to tell you how your renovation plans might improve your property’s resale value.

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