Termites in Guelph

Termites in Guelph

No, we don’t have a termite invasion in Guelph. It was this photo or one of a nasty-looking termite. You should thank me!

The mere mention of termites is enough to scare people away from buying homes in certain parts of Guelph. But in actuality, termites in Guelph are very well managed.

If you’re buying a home in Guelph, talk to your Realtor and be clear on whether or not the issue affects you. There are three termite management areas in Guelph and all three are located in the north part of town.

If you are selling a Guelph home within the termite management area, you (or your real estate agent) are required to disclose that information. You’ll need to obtain a termite inspection report from Guelph’s Termite Control Officer. The inspection is conducted very quickly, typically within a day, and there is no cost to you. You’ll receive a termite inspection report, a copy of which you can give to prospective buyers.

Within the termite zone, there are certain limitations in place for homeowners regarding landscaping, renovations, storage of wood, etc. For more information, see the City of Guelph’s Termite Page.┬áIf you live in the termite zone, as I do, you’ll receive notices from the City of Guelph periodically that update you on how termite control efforts are progressing.

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