Why Isn’t My Home Selling? It’s the Real Estate Agent’s Fault.

You’ve found a Guelph real estate agent and your home is on the market. But as the days go by, you question your agent’s performance and suspect that he or she simply isn’t doing enough to sell your house. You may be right.

Finding the right real estate agent isn’t easy and there are many considerations – personal connection, industry knowledge, marketing skills and much more. In every profession, there are individuals who represent its best and the worst characteristics. The real estate industry is no exception.

My Real Estate Agent Isn't Doing His Job - Guelph Real Estate What seller complaints tend to be the most common about real estate agents?

  1. Lack of effort. Most agents work very hard on behalf of their clients but unfortunately there are some who will do a bare minimum of work. Clients feel let down, and rightly so. A real estate agent should work diligently on behalf of seller clients to market homes, negotiate offers and ensure that transactions are successful.
  2. Lack of communication. The selling process can be very stressful and agents should maintain constant, respectful communication with their clients. Showing feedback should be provided, an update on market conditions, new listings or anything else that could impact the sale of your home should be communicated regularly. Without this, clients feel vulnerable and in the dark.
  3. Pushy approach. There is a fine line between being knowledgeable and confident and being pushy and insensitive – and some agents cross that line. A real estate agent should walk you through offers and negotiate strongly on your behalf, but their job first and foremost is to listen to you, not push you in a direction that doesn’t feel comfortable.

Many things can tar the agent-client relationship but the bottom line is this: If it’s not working out, ask to meet with your agent to discuss your relationship. If you can’t come to an understanding about how to make things work in a way that is comfortable for you, and you feel strongly that your agent is not working properly on your behalf or in your best interests, request that he or she cancel your agreement so you can move on and start anew with someone else.

Real estate agent performance aside, there are many other reasons why homes don’t sell. Here are some additional blog articles with food for thought:

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