Why Isn’t My House Selling? Maybe It’s You.

You’ve hired a real estate agent and your house is on the market. It’s priced fairly and the market is good, but it’s still not selling. What is the problem here?

Guelph home sale advice from Kelly Caldwell, real estate agentThere actually could be many reasons why a house isn’t selling, but of all of the potential reasons the one you’ll least likely want to hear is this: maybe you are the problem. Yes, sometimes, the answer does indeed lie within.

How can you sabotage your own home sale? Here are five simple ways:

  1. Make it difficult for people to book appointments to see your home. Provide such narrow viewing windows and have such stringent timing restrictions that only buyers with the day off could possibly arrange a showing.
  2. Ensure that you are always present when potential buyers come through your home. The feeling of awkwardness can vary from the ‘mildly uncomfortable’ to the ‘seriously awkward’ extremes when you are there.
  3. Fail to head your real estate agent’s advice regarding matters such as Staging and pricing strategy, instead feeling certain that you know better.
  4. Prohibit your real estate agent from aggressively marketing the property. It’s your prerogative not to allow your agent not to put a sign in the yard, host agent tours or open houses, or market the home online, for example, but there is a reason that many real estate agents cast a wide marketing net: because it works.
  5. Refuse to negotiate reasonably when offers are received. Real estate negotiations are just that – negotiations. Never take an offer as an insult, even if the offer is low. Trust the guidance of your real estate agent and negotiate fervently but reasonably when someone expresses an interest in your home.

If this sounds like you, from my perspective you have two options. First, have a heart to heart and acknowledge that, honestly, you really aren’t motivated to sell your house. After all, if you are making it that difficult for someone to buy your home, are you sure you really want to leave? Second, you can begin to take active steps to be more accommodating and get into the spirit of getting your home sold.

There are many other reasons why homes don’t sell. Here are some additional blog articles with food for thought:

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